About us


There’s something magical about natural hair.

It’s like a tree, growing and spreading its branches, reaching for the sky. It’s like a river, flowing freely and freely nourishing everything around it. It’s like an ocean, vast and deep, with secrets hidden in its depths.

But most importantly, natural hair is uniquely YOURS. From the curl pattern on your head to the texture of your strands to the smell of your sweat as it mixes with your conditioner—it’s all yours and no one else’s. And that’s why Erna started: HerAfroHair (HAH) to help you grow and love your hair like never before!

Erna, the founder of HAH, has a long history in natural hair care. In fact, it was Erna's own personal experience with the difficulty of growing her 4C hair that led her on a mission to grow her hair, and now she's on a mission to help you do the same with HerAfroHair care line.

She was convinced that she could find a way to grow her hair past her shoulders without damaging it. She knew there's no shortcut to healthy hair, but she also knew that the right ingredients are crucial to making sure her hair grew as fast and healthy as possible. 
Erna understands how important it is to keep your hair hydrated and full of nutrients. 

Also, she is allergic to nearly everything which provokes chronic eczema; therefore, it was important she made sure she researches the best quality of natural ingredients, free from any harsh chemicals and common allergens including artificial components and fragrances.

After conducting endless research on how women in different part of the world grow their hair naturally. Erna was particularly drawn by the African women of Chad who grow their hair past their thigh using "Chebe" powder and the beauty of Indian women and men’s hair using "Ayurvedic" herbs, powders and massages to grow thicker, longer and healthier hair.

She came to the understanding that just like our body, it doesn't matter which part of the world the hair originates from. What every hair need is to be feed with healthy ingredients, hydrated and carefully cared for. Products made with natural ingredients will grow your hair stronger, longer, and shinier than ever before!

How it all started... 

It all began in her small kitchen where she eventually formulated and handmade what would later become Her Afro-Hair's first product the popular “Chebe Butter". After a year of trying this product on her son and herself, she began to make it for her family and friends. Soon enough her small batch of product would run out and people would ask for more.  

It was then Erna decided to expand her product range and begin her adventure with Her Afro-Hair company. She developed and added the Chebe & Ayurvedic Locking Oil and the Ayurvedic Scalp Oil to the hair care line which also proved to be loved by us today.