Herafrohair Detangling Brush

Herafrohair Detangling Brush

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HER-Afro hair brush help to untangle stubborn knotted strands easily. Its 8 rows of separate flexible bristles can brush through knots creating less friction than a normal hairbrush, thus reducing breakages.

Our detangling hair brush is design for type 3a to 4c hair, it can be used on wet, dry, thick, curly, wavy, and kinky or even straight hair.

Ideal for children, as its gentle on hair and scalp with little to no tugging. 


Simply brush your in sections in downward strokes allowing the bristles to work with your motions.

Works on damp, wet or dry hair.


  • The flexible bristle, can detangle in large sections without pulling therefore, reducing shedding and pain.
  • Flexible head with 8 rows of separated rounded bristles that can grip hair to define beautiful curls.
  • The nylon needle fits the scalp perfectly,  which can massage and promote blood circulation to the scalp.
  • Ventilated area allows air to flow, which helps drying hair faster and prevents overheat. 
  • Non-slip matt texture grip, comfortable and lightweight.
  • The detachable control bar make this detangling brush either flexible or rigid. 



Easy to clean, simply rinse with warm water.